Daniel Libeskind introduces the Flow Spa Jacuzzi

We’ve come across very many uber-cool designs and technologically advanced jacuzzis. Adding to this unending list of innovations is an amalgamation of two geometric figures that normally don’t see eye-to-eye; Flow Spa Jacuzzi by Daniel Libeskind is one of its kind! Starting with a circular base, the jacuzzi further gracefully twists, protruding into a square-shaped mouth. This itself makes it a complete stand-out, listing it down as one of the must-haves. One can also describe this work of art as a beautifully carved whirlpool that has the potential to relax your muscles.

Like each of Libeskind’s creations, even the Flow Spa jacuzzi projects character, and potential users’ personalities. The jacuzzi design is a continuation of Libeskind’s creativity and style, those of which he brings out in his architecture as well – conjunction between design and culture. Building and creating such unique and innovative craft, Daniel’s only aim is to make a living more beautiful.

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[Via – Digsdigs]

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