Ferrari Unica Gym inspired by the Ferrari cars for Ferrari fans!

Ferrari is racing in to every walk of life. This time its gotto do with health and fitness. Ferrari Unica gym is actually a home gym system styled after the Ferrari sports car. I’m sure most of you guys are gonna fall for it. Enough of Oohs and Aahs would be heard…..not after working out on this gym but only my looking at its sleek style. Technogym and Ferrari teamed up especially to make this product, the aim being to make a unigym with a vast range of exercises, 25 in fact! It allows over 25 different exercises to work on both muscle tone and flexibility and comes with a computer which guides the user through exercises that can be personalized and updated online.

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In true Ferrari style, the design called for an avant-garde manufacturing process, and the frames of the machine are subject to cataphoresis anti-corrosion treatment prior to being painted for a long-lasting finish. Furthermore the Unica comes in the most traditional Prancing Horse colors: the leather trim padding is beige, just like the classic Ferrari interior, while the frame is painted in racing red no less. As all Ferrari products are a bit over priced to live up to its status, this gym too will cost you a luxury price $20,290. But that’s called shaping up the Ferrari way!

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