GE Monogram and Profile induction cooktops for smart cooking

If the kitchen is your playing field, then you’d be interested to know about the latest line of GE Monogram and Profile induction cooktops. It’s a great cooking appliance for cooks who love speed, precision, and energy savings……but hate clean-ups! Induction offers unprecedented performance – quick heating and precise control mean energy savings and impeccable results. Boasting of having the highest wattage element, the 3700-watt cookers use magnetic fields to heat up your food, as opposed to gas or electric cookers. Efficient and powerful, induction cooking has been popular in commercial kitchens and European kitchens for years. Now GE Profile is making it available to consumers with the GE Profile 30– and 36–inch induction cooktop with unique glass cooktop finishes.

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You can opt for black or stainless steel finish as the 30–inch PHP900 model is priced between $1799 and $1999; and the 36–inch PHP960 model, from $2299 to $2499. GE Monogram induction cooktops are also available.

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