Inax Regio Smart Toilets for Christmas

Smart bathroom fixtures are nothing new. But this may well take the cake (pun intended). Check out the Regio line-up from INAX. What seems like a normal but well-designed toilet hides inside a smart brain that can detect your action and do the needful. Yea, you heard that right. Regio here is tuned to sense your steps and starts its process. As you approach it, it automatically opens the lid and heats the seat- nice if its winters! Then as if on cue, plays a soothing tune and deodorizes the surrounding. And the best part, once you’re done it cleans and deodorizes again. So basically having one of these not only keeps you from meddling with this detest-full chore, it also makes your bathroom your favourite place once again. Plus the removable SD card enables you to store your favourite music. Think, no cleaning, no deodorizing… and your toilet can now officially be your thinking throne once again! Need we say more?

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Ah yes, they launch in December this year; will be available in white and matte black finish. More on its pricing soon!