Kohler C3 series Toilet Seats give potty training a new meaning

Oh…the labor and pains one has to undergo these days just to wash your butt after the big job! Lo and behold! … The magic genie granted me my wish and gave me the ultimate potty seat that won’t have me soiling my hands and do away with the tissue paper. Well now that we are intimate enough to discuss potty matters, let me introduce you to two new toilet seats that pamper you to no end. The American company Kohler has come out with the C3 series that features a special “hydra-cleansing wand” that gives you the total no toilet-paper experience. The C3-200 model has an in-line heater that warms up the water; it has a remote control to initiate the whole cleaning and drying process. If you want a seat with controls located at the side, then opt for the C3-100. With these toilet seats, you can adjust the cleaning water temperature and pressure just the way you want! The C3 series features a blue light too for nighttime aiming (so that you don’t misfire and pee on the floor). Rear-wash, front-wash, both the models feature this.

The C3-200 also features a deodorizing fan, and warm air-drying with adjustable temperature and fan speed. The C3-200 costs $1300 and the C3-100 $750. If you plan on getting one of these seats make sure you have an electrical point near the pot.

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