Magnetic Floating Bed- Float your way to sleep

The technology begins to blend into everyday life. Finally, it begins to show up in the least expected places, even pervasively embedded in everyday objects. A fanatical Dutch inventor has created a dramatically expensive and impractical floating magnetic bed. The idea here is that a mattress, loaded at the corners with strong magnets, levitates above 4 posts. Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars spent the last six years working on the progress of a magnetic floating bed. A scale model of it was presented at the Millionaire Faire recently. The bed simply floats in the air, above magnets, can carry up to 900 kilos and is held in place through four very thin tethers. On a lighter note, it would prevent the possibility of a scorpion or other nasty animal crawling in your bed, as it would have no place to crawl on your mattress. Additionally, you can’t shove things under the bed.

The model alone costs $147,000 (115,000 euros), while the real deal is expected to cost as much as $1,535,000 (1,200,000 euros).