Mead novelty 2010 floating bed for ultimate relaxation

If you need a minimalistic arrangement and are looking for wholesome relaxation, then check out the Mead novelty 2010 courtesy of the L’HYDROMEL nouveauté 2010. Called as a floating bed, the tub doubles up as a care scrub, a wrap and a massage table. It also comes with a spray to rinse the bed after anyone has used it. You can add an anti-glare projection on the ceiling which can support specific colors for Chromatherapy. For easier usage, you can opt of a Pedestal folding,. You can also add musical vibrations to enhance your experience.

The bed occupies a space of 2.43meters in length, 1.16meters in width and 0.85meters in height. On the inside, it is 2.03meters long and 0.78meters wide. It requires a Single 240 Volt electricity supply and supports both hot and cold water.

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