Ondine Krystal ELS Chrome Shower sprinkles shimmering water

Spiral shower column adds a twist to your bathe but this glitzy-ritzy shower will add that extra pomp and splendor to your bathing affair. Crown your bathroom with this glittery luxury shower!!! Surround yourself and your showerhead in luxury with the Ondine Krystal ELS Chrome. The ultra-luxury shower features 100% Strass Swarovski Crystal and stylishly combines the source of light and water in a single fixture.

interbath-ondine-electronic-light-shower-colors.jpg Not only is the limited-edition 12-inch head decked in Swarovski crystals, but each of its 270 spray channels is also illuminated by fiber-optic cables, an adjustable color wheel, and a 75-watt halogen lamp. The halogen light source can continuously change colors or it can stop at a color of your choice. Simply put on the light switch and the Ondine Shower will illuminate the entire bathroom using a one-inch fiber optic cable. The Krystal Electronic Light Shower also comes into green, yellow, and white color cycles. ELS is designed with Chromatherapy (Color therapy) in mind which means that you’ll be showering not just with water but also with light. The finishes are chrome and polished gold.

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