Sensible and Stylish Bathroom Windows

Choosing a window for your bathroom is a careful consideration. Now now, don’t snigger. The bathroom is probably the only place where most people are comfortable being naked with the security that people will respect their privacy. So just to make sure of the same and make sure the peeping toms of the world don’t get a peek of you or the rest of the family, you want to make sure that your window choice makes sure that public ogling is not possible. Opaque and frosted glasses are the call of the day. A bath window should also be energy-efficient and airtight when shut. No one wants cold breezes blowing in on a chilly morning. And while all of this might be tough to find, there is something as close as it gets to the above description. Hy-Lite’s new American Style Decorative Glass Window. The energy-efficient, triple-pane unit is set in a low-maintenance, no-rot vinyl frame.

The window has a decorative colored-glass pane sandwiched between an exterior pane of opaque privacy glass and an interior pane of clear glass. Handsome black patina muntins separate the glass pieces in the decorative pane. The interior clear-glass pane has a Low-E coating and the space behind it is filled with argon gas, resulting in a very energy-efficient window. The Hy-Lite American Style window comes in both fixed (non-opening) and operable (casement or awning style) units, and in three sizes: 2×2 foot, 3×5 foot, 4×4 foot. Prices range from about $330 for a 2×2 to $818 for a 4×4. It can be installed in new construction, or as a replacement to an existing window.

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