The 2009 Kaldewei Bathroom suite exemplify precious artwork

The Kaldewei luxury bathroom suite is one that hosts fine and stunning luxury designs, where the classic look dominates throughout. The iconic freestanding black tub is a simple oval-shaped design and is finished with a thin protruding lip around the perimeter, an essential element for comfort. The stylish Ellipse Duo Oval is one of the eight models offered by Kaldewei. To persist with the theme, the steel enamel Piatto shower tray projects an illusion of floating with it’s cleverly conceived upturned edge, and the dramatic shower curtain compliments these facets.

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If pure luxury is what you ask for, you can get it in perfect symphony with the uniquely embellished 24-carat gold plating on your request. Another fixture in the Kaldewei collection is the Vivo Turbo Whirlpool bath, a comfortable bath equipped with built-in LED technology. The Conoduo bath can be turned into a small wellness oasis after bathing with the new Relax Lounger.

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