THG Paris environment Hermes leather bathtub- the next comfy king!

We know of leather shoes, leather bags, leather couches, leather jackets, leather cases etc … but who could imagine a leather bathtub!! Yes you heard it right …nothing controls imagination and TGH Paris jus got theirs ticking to come up with the very stylish and suave environment Hermes leather bathtub. It’s the ultimate in aesthetics and comfort. It offers leather for a classic and refined style which is a rarity when it comes to bathrooms. Featuring a band of swirling horses, bridles and leads, the environment Hermes tub has a historic sophistication. Tailored around a gleaming white free standing bathtub, the detailed leatherwork is framed by bands of plain leather. It will definitely make you feel extremely comfortable and you would probably want to shift your office right there.

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This is just the right thing that needs to be placed in your bathroom and believe us when we say Cleopatra is already getting jealous…any takers?