Wireless Digital Showers from Grohe

The invasion of the remote control has rendered many hands useless. Well here is one more gadget (though a treat) to render you further useless! You know you lead a good life when you have the luxury of switching on your shower from any room of the house. Top that with the ability to set different temperatures for the different family members, for different times of the day. Life is sure to treat you great thanks to the Grohe Digital Showers. The UK based manufacturer of “sanitary fittings,” sure knows how to pamper you. You can wake up, turn on the shower, and have it on and ready by the time you get to the bathroom.

The remote wirelessly connects to a concealed base unit, which uses your settings to adjust and mix the water to your setting. When the ideal setting is found, a visible or audible signal will highlight this. There’s also a split-second response if the water flow changes, adjusting the flow to the right temperature accordingly. The only rain on this parade is that someone accidentally switches on the shower, when not required! What a waste of precious resources. Well, you can get the Grohe Wireless Digital Shower for £744 or the US $1,376.

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