Wood-burning Hot Tub boils the water without electricity

With ‘conserving energy’ becoming an alarming issue, Hammacher is offering hot water for the tub that doesn’t need any electricity or plumbing. You can support the cause by fitting this in one of your spacious bathrooms. Not only this, the Hot-Tub provides ample soaking space for up to four adults. You didn’t bother about tipping, as the tub rests on four sturdy feet made of durable polyester. The tubs floor has a raised convex dome that allows you to stretch out your feet as if sitting on a chaise lounge, and the tub has a built-in ledge with a bottle holder. A stainless steel heating coil system uses burning wood to provide hot water for the tub. Then the water from the tub flows through the lower pipe of the tub into the heating coil full of burning wood.

This helps in emptying hot water through the top pipe into the basin, by using convection for heating the tub to 104 in 2 1/2 hours. A stainless steel basket holds firewood within the coil, allowing you to adjust the heat level by raising or lowering the basket. If you are really impressed by this innovative Wood-Burning Hot Tub then place an order for $6000. As long as it cuts on your electricity bills!

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