At Fendi’s Men’s Fall/Winter 2024 show, the debut of the Fendi x Devialet Mania speaker turned heads, showcasing that great sound can also come with an equally impressive appearance.

Fendi always looks fabulous and always will, but at Fendi’s recent Men’s Fall/Winter 2024 show, we discovered that the luxury brand sounds great too. The Fendi x Devialet Mania speaker, created in collaboration between the Italian fashion brand and the French audio technology brand Devialet, is the audio arm candy that we need this year. This ultra-stylish audio solution extends beyond traditional menswear silhouettes, tailored for outdoor adventures. It would be honest to state that the strutting models with the Fendi x DEVIALET Mania Portable Speaker indeed stole the show.

The portable, spherical masterpiece looks fashionable, wrapped in a FENDI logo-covered mesh that loudly states its loyalty to fashion while delivering Devialet’s expertise in audio engineering. The 360° stereo speaker was revealed on the brand’s Instagram with a post captioned, ‘Unveiled on the #FendiFW24 runway, the state-of-the-art Fendi x Devialet Mania portable speaker is wrapped in FF casing and offers audio purity through acoustic mapping technology.’

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The Fendi x Devialet Mania speaker was observed as part of the brand’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection in two colors: brown and tobacco with gold or grey and black with silver.

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