150 Classic Arcade Game Tabletop

Here’s something new that’s well…not completely new! Confused? The Dream Authentics Tabletop Arcade Game offers you 150 classic arcade video games that recapture the spirit of America in the ’80s where one had to go to arcades to play video games. Built into one convenient tabletop console, vintage games such as Atari, Midway, and Namco come to life on a 19-inch flat-screen LCD. To make the whole package more authentic and ensure the ‘arcade-style’ play and feel, the unit has an adjustable joystick that moves in four or eight directions, a 3-inch trackball, and 11 large buttons.

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The entire unit operates using an HP Slimline PC allowing you to play any PC-based game on the arcade console itself. And here’s one more surprise about this piece of art. The unit doubles up as a jukebox with authentic jukebox controls, two speakers, a subwoofer, and a lighted glass marquee. You can transfer digital music files using the integrated jukebox software. The 150 Classic Game Tabletop Arcade sells for $2,495.95 on Hammacher.

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