Unique 3D printed Titanium earphones promise to deliver a sound that will blow your mind

No matter how expensive, a pair of earphones is simply does not feel captivating enough just by looking at it. That is unless you see the ‘Lab 2’ from S-Next a boutique premium audio gear manufacturer based in Japan. The earphones are encased in a Steampunk styled 3D modeled casing made of Titanium. Along with giving a unique look the casing also improves the distribution of high frequency sounds. Housed inside the casing is a 15mm dynamic driver designed for a sole purpose ‘accurate reproduction of audio’. The back of the driver is made of titanium which improves low frequency sounds reproduction. The housing is designed to simulate a gap between the ear canal and the housing resulting in a natural sound field.

3D Printing of metals leaves a very rough finish especially with a strong metal like titanium. But the company uses a proprietary chemical treatment which increases the glossiness and according to the company results in the highest level of smoothness. Limited to just 200 units the Lab 2 eadphones will be available from October 22 in Japan for 450,000 Yen ($ 4300), making them the most expensive 3D printed earphones in the world.

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[Via : Final-Audio-Design (Japanese)]