A high tech Blackjack table for high rollers

The design firm responsible for creating the Zune HD and other such devices, the Moto Development Group, has offered to take Las Vegas gambling a little more into the 21st century with the introduction of a high-tech gaming table. This interactive prototype that features Java-based programming will use open-source graphics libraries on a resistive multi-touch sensor surface to allow users to gamble without actual cards or chips. The company had already showcased similar technology awhile back. Though the prototype isn’t quite ready to go into production, they decided to show the gambling community how well suited it could be for them. The same table can also be used for other card games like Texas Hold ‘Em Poker. All of the cards and chips will work using hand gestures across the table, much like playing a card game on an iPhone or any other touchscreen device.

We’re not sure what the gambling community has to say about this sci-fi technology, but isn’t this what you’d expect in this day and age? Gambling may be age-old and rather traditional, but technology can make even traditions a little more spectacular, like something out of a Star Wars movie.

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