An audiophile’s dream – these $9000 electrostatic loudspeakers make listening to music a completely different experience

The UK-based brand Mellow Acoustics’ new high-end electrostatic loudspeaker called FrontRo is quickly earning the reputation of a disruptive product in the audio industry thanks to its unmatched sound quality in the Hi-Fi world. Proudly boasting its British heritage, the FrontRo speakers not only scores high on audio performance but also features aesthetics and build quality expected from top-self products, making it possibly the world’s most luxurious electrostatic audio units. In fact, the speakers by Mellow Acoustics has already been highly acclaimed by many experts from the industry. The speaker features a hybrid electrostatic design which consists of a circular electrostatic unit on top of a conventional dynamic woofer in a pyramid-shaped box. The 12-inch electrostatic unit handles the mid-range and treble frequencies (600 Hz to 20 kHz), while the conventional 5.25” dynamic woofer handles the lower midrange and bass down to the lowest note on a double bass or bass guitar (40 Hz).

Mellow Acoustics says the FrontRo is a passive loudspeaker, which means it can be paired with whatever amplifier and partnering equipment, such as a turntable or streaming device. Electrostatic speakers are less sensitive to their placement in the room as compared to conventional speakers, making it perfect as a piece of the home décor. In addition to that, it’s compact dimensions makes it suitable for even small rooms. In terms of aesthetics, the speakers are made of oak veneered wood, which goes well with most types of home styling. Paying a little extra will also get you the option to choose the color of the wood veneer. The grille cloths, on the other hand, come in a range of shade, such as grey, navy, and burgundy. If you want to satiate the audiophile in you, the FrontRo speakers come with a price tag of £7500 (about $9000 USD).

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