An iPhone case from Ferrari that also stores your fragrance

Ferrari knows that you need to have your favorite fragrance with you no matter where you go. That’s why they’ve designed iPhone covers that ingeniously (and discreetly) hold a small volume of their iconic Scuderia Ferrari Red and Scuderia Ferrari Black fragrances to accompany you everywhere. The phone case is more than a fragrance holder though, it does double duty as protective armor for your beloved phone.

The case is available in two colors, black and red. Each one is designed to hold the corresponding Scuderia Ferrari perfume. The case has been carefully designed to ensure that the fragrance and phone do not damage each other. The perfume is protected from the heat of the phone while the phone is safe from the risk of fragrance leaks.
Each case holds 25 ml of fragrance and you can get a 25 ml refill too if you like. The Scuderia Ferrari Red and Black scents were chosen to represent Ferrari’s values of innovation, uniqueness and performance.
Scuderia Ferrari Red is an energetic blend of orange, bergamot, galbanum, verbena, petitgrain and icy mint with heart notes of jasmine, geranium, orris root and nutmeg. The base notes are comprised of cedar, sandalwood, moss and vanilla.

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Meanwhile Scuderia Ferrari Black is a masculine concoction of citruses, lime, bergamot, apple and plum, with middle notes of cardamom, cinnamon, rose and jasmine and a base of cedar, amyris wood, amber, vanilla and crystal musk.

We’ll keep you updated on the price and availability.

[ Via : Fragrantica ]

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