Asus ZX1 Lamborghini PDA Phone at CeBit

Asus will soon be announcing their ZX1 Lamborghini PDA phone at the CeBit in Germany in March. Considering that their laptops look really cool, we can assume this alliance will reach new heights with the PDA. New computers will also be introduced at the CeBit. Apparently, the Asus ZX1 Lamborghini phone will feature a perfectly flat display integrated onto the phone housing and will have a touch-screen interface very similar to the iPhone. It will run on either Windows Mobile 6 Pro or Windows Mobile 6.1, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, 520 MHz Qualcomm CPU, and 3G connection with HSDPA support.

The Asus ZX1 Lamborghini is a high-end phones hence it will cost around $950-1,000. You can pre order here.
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