At $80k, B&O’s BeoLab 90 speakers cost as much as a work of art, then again they look like one too

If anyone could make state-of-the-art speaker technology look like high-end art, Bang & Olufsen (B&O) seem like just the people who could put it together. Their BeoLab 90 is by far their most stunning or radical, which seems like a more appropriate adjective, speakers to date. They employs a geometric design that can seem baffling and are yet so stunning that taking your eyes off of them doesn’t seem like quite an option for awhile.

Each of these ‘works of art’ are powerhouses when it comes to raw output and feature a total of 18 drivers in all which include seven tweeters, seven mids, and four woofers. A singular BeoLab 90 speaker is more than capable of providing your home with the kind of sound an audiophile would adore and also have art connoisseurs speaking vividly about the curves and lines of this masterpiece. Each speaker is 50 inches in height, built from an aluminum cabinet and uses acoustically transparent fabric stretched across the speakers in a wave like pattern. Each unit provides multi-directional audio, but B7O have added a little extra feature called “Beam Width Control,” that will allow a user to actually focus the sound to a specific area of a room hitting that sweet spot we sometimes don’t often find convenient. This way you can set up your favorite seat in a spot you find most comfortable and direct the sound just there. Here’s the best part, this can be done via your smartphone using B&O’s app. A Power button for each speaker is positioned at the top of each of the cabinets.
B&O’s BeoLab speakers 1
One cannot expect the price tag to be light especially when you’re not only getting high-powered speakers but those that add an artistic value to your home as well. So at $38,995 for each unit, the BeoLab 90 could set you back a pretty penny come November, but be rest assured, this company stopped making speakers like anyone else used to and have made it an art form so if you like having things that stand out, you can’t afford to miss out on this.

[ Via : Wired ]

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