B&O BeoSound Moment wireless music system features world’s first touch-sensitive wood interface

Bang & Olufsen, the Danish high-end audio manufacturer, has unveiled its latest wireless music system named ‘the BeoSound Moment’ at the ongoing 2015 CES show in Las Vegas. In a bid to introduce clutter-free interface with simple functions, the single-purpose device dedicated to music is a two-sided tablet that accesses your music from cloud and tries to intelligently play according to your mood. The most noticeable feature of the BeoSound Moment is its rear side, which is covered entirely in oak wood. The oak covered rear side is in fact the world’s first touch-sensitive wood interface. Yes, you read it right. There is a wheel like shallow indentation on the surface that acts like a controller. Tapping the center of the wheel immediately begins playing music. If you drag your finger around the indentation, the volume will adjust.

bang-and-olufsen-beosound-moment-3The front end of the system has metallic finish with a full touchscreen panel. The display can be used to browse music from network stored music library, smart devices, or over the air from a streaming service. The BeoSound Moment also features a function called PatternPlay, which adapts to your listening patterns and suggests music or radio to fit with the relevant day of the week and time of day. The system is always listening to you, learning your taste in music and evolving over time to cater for your personal preferences. Priced at $2795 including a 12-month Deezer subscription, the B&O BeoSound Moment will be available exclusively at Bang & Olufsen stores from 30 January.

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