Bang & Olufsen has unveiled the worlds first 8K OLED TV, its a mammoth 88 inches wide and costs $49,000

Bang & Olufsen has revealed its most advanced television to date, the Beovision Harmony 88-inch TV. touted as the world’s first 8K OLED TV and largest OLED screen ever created by LG Electronics the bar of home cinemas has risen pretty high. How I wish I could’ve spent all my quarantined, Netflix hours watching my favorite shows on this 88-inch 8K OLED TV. for those who can’t fathom its awesomeness, you should know this TV is massive with a picture quality that is four times clearer than current industry-standard 4K displays, and 16 times clearer than HDTV. while all this is excellent the feature that stands out most is an artificial intelligence-enabled feature that will adjust settings to maximize your viewing experience, whether you are watching a frenetic sporting event or an arthouse film. Now let’s get talking about sound, pre-installed three-channel sound system, and built-in dual subwoofer, do a great job by themselves however if you wish to, the TV is compatible with Bang & Olufsen’s speaker programme, allowing users to connect up to eight wireless Beolab speakers. We love how technologically advanced this television is but it needs mention, this is also one of the most beautiful contraptions seen in a long time.

Taking its inspiration from midcentury entertainment cabinets, the TV can be customized with one of four façade options like natural oakwood, charcoal fabric, smoked oat, or walnut. The touch of technology gives it an impressive entry and exit feature wherein the façade panels fan out when you turn the TV on and fold up when it is not in use. The 88-inch Beovision Harmony is huge and requires a decent-sized room along with deep pockets. It will be available for order on its website and at its stores by the end of next month for $49,000. You can also opt for smaller sizes like the 65-inch model that runs for $15,700 or the 77-inch that is available for $19,800 sans an 8K panel obviously.

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