Bang and Olufsen HDR 2 Hard Drive recorder

A highly sophisticated hard disc recorder with 250GB of internal memory makes an entry thanks to Bang and Olufsen. The HDR 2 can store up to 60 hours at DVD quality, or 110 hours at Super VHS quality. It streams either analog or digital TV, so it should work with any setup. Making it highly versatile. The oldest viewed episodes of a certain serial can be automatically deleted by setting the “smart” recorder to do it. Then there will be enough space for you to record the latest ones. With the “keep episode” feature, you can store a predefined number of recordings, and automatically delete any older than that. The HDR 2 doubles up as a digital library and lets you organize the content in up to eight groups. A new SPLIT function also makes sure that continuous recordings can be more easily spliced into different groups.

The optional Beolink system lets you stream your HDR 2 recordings into any TV in the house and control them via the BEO 4 remote control.

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