Bang & Olufsen EarSet 2 and EarSet 3

Breaking away from their home theatre norm, Bang & Olufsen have come out with two new headset simply named EarSet 2 and EarSet 3. The EarSet 2 is a Bluetooth wireless piece that features two omni-directional microphones that uses Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to produce clearer sound by suppressing wind and other background noise for the best transmission possible. It boasts of an ergonomic design and has a full adjustable clip to fit on your ear comfortably. The mic has a foldout design that function as an on/off switch. A single, easy-to-use switch operates calls and volume.

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The EarSet 3is not wireless, but the clarity of sound can be vouched for. It complements cellular phones, music mobile phones, MP3 players, and is even compatible with the Apple iPhone.
Bang & Olufsen EarSet 2 and EarSet 3 are available on the host website. The EarSet 2 is about $350.00, and the EarSet 3 is for $250.00.

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