Black Diamond Smartphone confirmed

Are you planning to spend millions on your new phone? Take a look at the “Black Diamond,” brought to us by Swiss manufacturer VPN. This new Black Diamond concept is looking incredibly hot, especially the “borderless screen” effect. Singapore-based industrial designer Jaren Goh has presented this rendering of an ultra-stylish high-end Sony Ericsson, dubbed Black Diamond. This Windows Mobile 5.0-powered handset features a 2-inch display, 400MHz XScale processor, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 128MB of internal memory, an SD memory card slot, and a touch-sensitive keypad. The touch-sensitive keypad is Chocolate-esque that seems to disappear when not lit, while SIP is thrown in to keep your GSM usage minimum when you’re in WiFi range. The glossy black cell is gorgeously pricey.

The phone will be produced only in a limited edition; precisely five units each priced at $300,000 and are expected to go sales next year. Finally, Sony Ericsson has made a move that has proven to everyone that they too understand mobile telephone trends.

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