Bling your iPod earphones with diamonds

If in this festive season you’re looking to spend some big bucks to accessories your Apple products, a New York-based company called DEOS (Defining Expression of Sound) has some glittery options for you. The company manufactures earphone covers that are covered in 302 diamonds and is made of titanium. This bling accessory has natural VS diamonds weighing approximately 4.5 Carat studded on the titanium casing. It slips and locks on a normal iPhone/iPod earbud.

The idea in fact is nifty as the normal earphones with jewelry studded directly onto the body have a risk of becoming useless if the earphones are damaged. With these diamond studded earphone covers, you can use the buds with or without them or even swap the earphones whenever you want. A pair of these DEOS natural diamond earphone covers costs $7,500.

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