Burmester 061 CD Player for $12,000

If you are a music junkie and seek to hear the best from the rest then here is a Burmester 061 CD player from Germany. The Burmester 061 sports a milled aluminum chassis with a top-loading 10mm thick tray and features a Philips CD 2 Pro direct drive with a modified servomechanism. It is loaded with an advanced D/A converter technology with switchable un-sampling rates of 96 and 192 kHz. The unit sports RCA and Toslink input and output, along with unbalanced and XLR outputs. It sounds silly to mention that it is accompanied by a remote control too. Silly, cause in today’s day and age remote is not a luxury but a most basic feature.

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But what’s actually silly is the price tag that it sports – $12,000. Only a hardcore as well wealthy audiophile wouldn’t mind spending that much!

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