Continental Mobiles launches the world’s first Ruby encrusted Nokia 8800 Arte

If plain gold is too much of yellow and diamonds are just too shimmery for your taste then Continental Mobiles has an alternative for you. The UK based company has unveiled the world’s first Ruby encrusted Nokia 8800 Arte. This edition has been inspired by the Cosmopolitan cocktail. The cell phone is bejeweled with a silk finished 24k yellow gold and glamorous rubies. The product page describes it further – ‘Tap the phone to display its elegant clock or turn the phone face down to mute incoming calls. A sophisticated ambient light sensor adjusts the screen’s brightness according to the environment. Everything about the Cosmopolitan screams luxury and is truly a treat for the senses.’ For £6,000 ($9,000), this ornamented cell phone will suit every elegant lady’s hand for sure.