Costing $71,000 this handmade 24K Gold audio cable is the ultimate accessory for an audiophile

Have you been looking to build yourself the ultimate home theater system that can blow the socks off of the most discerning audiophiles? Well, then you must have a look at these handmade gold connections that promise to extract the most from the world’s best audio hardware. An Italian company called Liutanie Audio is the maker of what it describes as the best neutral gold connections and stresses on the point that aesthetic quality of the beautifully crafted cables rank last in the list of priorities; even though they are designed and built entirely by hand, same as precious jewelry. It’s all about reproducing unmatched audio. According to Liutanie, plugging in the gold connections will “reset every parameter of your audio system, restoring its balance, naturalness and a jaw-dropping, but a real, dynamic range.”

Liutanie states that its connections eliminate any distortion induced by the wiring, canceling hum, hissing, mid-frequency nasality – basically any unnatural sound that doesn’t actually exist in the actual audio. The Liutanie Gold Connections have a current-carrying capacity of 100A and allow the volume to be pushed to levels that are otherwise impossible to reach without yielding or listening fatigue. The cables are made with exclusive materials along with the use of heavy 24K pure gold plating. The Liutanie Olimpo Gold Connections are available in different lengths and different configurations for specific usage; however, a complete kit is on offer which is priced at a whopping €64,440 (about $72,000). It is available in standard sizes of 3.5m and 4m, but the buyer can request customized lengths for the connections.

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