Crystal Roc Instruments are bejeweled

Allow your bling-loving heart to sing with these dazzling musical instruments. It wouldn’t matter if you don’t have that musician’s streak; these flashy crystal instruments are enough to grab the audience’s attention! Crystal Roc Instruments has customized Swarovski encrusted microphones, guitars, drum kits, and more, all of which are just right for people who may need something to draw attention to other than their voice. This series is developed by music producer Morten Schjolin, whose clientele enlists LeeAnn Rhymes and J Lo and their kinds.

On the tech front, the crystal music-gadgets will sport hi-tech innards from the likes of Technics, Shure, and Sennheiser. CrystalRoc will be launching at the end of the year, but their jeweled instruments will be available to preview from October online at You can look forward to paying around $3,800 (£2,000) for the Retro Mike, CrystalRoc’s signature piece of the line.

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