A diamond studded iPhone 6 is up for preorder at $48 million

For quite some time now, rumor mills have been working overtime to churn out latest news on the upcoming Apple iPhone 6 and in the last few months the internet has been flooded with a barrage of leaks that have looked to spoil the enthusiasm on the d-day. However, the iPhone 6 still remains shrouded in mystery somehow; nevertheless, the wait is almost over! But, a couple of luxury design and accessory companies have already started taking pre-orders for their extravagant versions of the next iPhone. Brikk did this a couple of months by announcing that it will offer 14 luxury versions of the next iPhone including 24-carat yellow gold, 24-carat pink gold and pure platinum finishes priced between $4,495 and $8,395. And, now there is a company from the United States named Falcon which has announced its own iPhone 6 bespoke collection even before the official release but wait till you hear their pricing.

FALCON-3Split into two separate collections named Bespoke and SuperNova, Falcon has introduced a total of 21 customized versions of the iPhone 6 with the prices starting at a whopping $2.25 million. For that price, you’ll get a platinum iPhone 6 with an emerald cut diamond studded on the rear plate. If you find the price absurd then the SuperNova collection will leave you flabbergasted. The cheapest in the range has a price-tag of $32.5 million and the top-of-range comes for $48.5 million for which you get a rose gold iPhone with a pink diamond on the back. The company does offer a life-time warranty on defects and its own concierge service in that price. Any takers of what looks like the most expensive mobile phone in the world?


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