Dualit’s gold plated toaster will set you back by a whopping $1,600!

Sure you’ve got those solid gold kitchen sinks, bedazzled knives and that Swarovski crystal studded refrigerator, but the modern billionaire’s kitchen isn’t complete without a gold plated toaster. Yes, you heard us, a gold plated TOASTER. Here to provide the finishing touch to your kitchen is Dualit’s 24 Carat Gold Plated Classic Toaster, priced at a meagre £1,000 (that’s about $1,600).

So what marvelous feats is the Midas touched toaster capable of? Well, it cooks bread and bagels, can defrost and has a crumb tray. So basically it’s just your regular toaster on gold dusted steroids. It is handmade in the UK and consists of 168 components with the name of the person who assembled each toaster displayed on the base plate.

We’ve seen fancy toasters before, and we’re not going to be impressed unless someone invents one that’s incapable of burning our strawberry frosted pop tarts. Dualit’s offering is available exclusively at Brit department store Selfridges. It’ll even have a place of pride in their Christmas window display. But the real question is, will it make your grilled cheese sandwich taste like a million (or even just a thousand) bucks?

[Via – Daily-Star]

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