Effortless shopping with Memo Mi’s “Memory Mirror”

Haven’t you ever wondered how fitting and effortless it would be if you did not have to try each outfit at your preferred boutique? Memo Mi’s most recent technology has put women’s problems to bay with their “Memory Mirror”.

smart-mirror-1The Intel booth at this year’s Retail’s Big Show from the NRF in New York, particularly stood out.

smart-mirror-2The miraculous “MemoryMirror” allows users to capture 10-second clips of them trying on various outfits through an interactive body-controlled experience. Using patented “perspective-distortion correction” technology, it shows 360-degree back and side views of each look, and most importantly, “remembers” each of them so they can be reviewed from the mirror interface afterwards.

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smart-mirror-3Luckily for you and me, we need not retry pieces on; different looks can be compared side-by-side through a split screen option, while the colour of garments can also be changed. Most importantly, you can share your look with your friends via social media as well as saved to the MemoryMirror smartphone app.

Understandably, retailers also have a stake in this technology since it’s designed to transform and update the personal shopping experience. For example, a special sales associate interface lets Neiman Marcus store personnel send recommendations to customers directly from the mirror.

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“MemoryMirror is the only multichannel retail technology that makes trying on clothes digital, interactive, and social,” said Salvador Nissi Vilcovsky, founder and CEO of MemoMi. “Since MemoryMirror ‘remembers’ each customer interaction, it not only allows fashion retailers to provide an exciting in-store, web, and mobile shopping experience, but to collect valuable data on customer behaviors and preferences.”

MemoryMirror is in beta trials with a series of large retailers around the world. Macy’s is one example of a department store that showed particular interest when at the show, MemoMi said.

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