Japanese scientists have developed electric chopsticks that transmit sodium ions from the food to your mouth and recreate saltiness thereby helping you reduce salt intake.

Technology has spread far and wide. And exhibiting so are these electric chopsticks that have recently been invented by a troupe of smart Japanese scientists. No ordinary piece of cutlery, the chopsticks are designed to improve health by helping you reduce sodium intake.

Conceptualized by researchers from Meiji University, the chopsticks apparently transmit sodium ions to your mouth via a wristband to recreate the sensation of saltiness. They further enhance tastes using electrical stimulation and a minicomputer worn on the same wristband.

Technologically this is made possible using ‘a weak electrical current to transmit sodium ions from food, through the chopsticks, to the mouth where they create a sense of saltiness,’ says one of the co-developers – Professor Miyashita.

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Commenting on the relevance of cutting sodium intake, Kirin researcher Ai Sato further said, ‘To prevent diseases (such as high blood pressure, strokes and other ailments), we need to reduce the amount of salt we take. If we try to avoid taking less salt in a conventional way, we will need to endure the pain of cutting our favorite food from our diet or endure eating bland food.’

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The electric chopsticks thus serve as a clever alternative by allowing you to savor your favorites without worrying about health repercussions. In the past, Professor Miyashita and his team have also dabbled with the idea of creating a lickable TV screen that can imitate various food flavors, called ‘Taste the TV (TTTV).’

What are your thoughts on these smart inventions?

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