Exclusive Leica M7 Edition Hermès is official

As my fellow colleague over at Newlaunches was pondering over the rumors of the Leica M7 Hermès release, I decided to dig out more concrete facts about this high-end digital camera. Surely, the limited edition Leica M7 Edition Hermès will capture memorable pictures for £8550 soon. Designed by renowned fashion house Hermès, only 200 of this exclusive edition of Leica UK’s classic 35mm rangefinder system camera will be available. To be precise, 100 in trade mark Hermès orange and 100 in a green called ‘etoupe’. Certainly this line is tweaked with enhanced features. The company has revealed to BJP that the top plate is engraved with the Leica name in classic script: the red Leica logo has been omitted to preserve the color harmony of the leather covering.

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Furthermore it is also confirmed that ‘All control elements of the LEICA M7 Edition ‘Hermès’ have been manufactured exclusively in metal, and the back of the camera is finished in silver chrome. Furthermore, the red colour of the engraved AUTO and flash settings on the shutter speed dial has been replaced by the specific shade of the camera’s leather.’ Right in time for the festive season, the Leica M7 Edition Hermès will hit the shelves in UK in the month of December for $14,300.

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