Goldmund Apologue Anniversary Speaker sells for more than half a million dollars

Goldmund is a bespoke solution for stereo and home theatre systems for the last 25 years. This maker of the world’s most extravagant and technologically advanced audio system has announced a limited edition Apologue Anniversary Edition Speaker. After refreshing the $30,000 Goldmund’s Epilogue Speaker System a few years ago, the Swiss luxury audio brand is now paying tribute to this extraordinary product by launching a technologically advanced Limited Series of 25 Goldmund Apologue Anniversary with an identical design. The new Apologue Anniversary edition is twice as powerful as the earlier model, with built-in amplification totaling 3600W for a pair.

The Apologue Anniversary edition speaker provides perfectly well defined trebles, with an extremely neat bass. Each instrument of the Apologue is positioned at its correct place with higher playback levels without distortion. The players signal feeding is sent exclusively wirelessly, so the 2 speakers don’t require any cables except the AC plug.
The Goldmund Apologue Anniversary Speaker can be purchased via Goldmund Custom Shop by specifying the finish that customers can select with Goldmund experts. The Apologue Anniversary Speaker will cost slightly over half a million dollars and can be ordered with a deposit of $60,000.

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