Gold-plated Piano Forte earphones are for the elite audiophiles

The Japanese are down but not completely out. And it is time for audiophiles to rejoice as Japan-based Final Audio Design is coming out with a range of four new 16Ω/108dB earphones called the Piano Forte. The most economical in the range is the gold plated Piano Forte VIII. Priced at $940 it will feature brass housing. Next up is the mirror finished stainless steel encased Piano Forte IX at $1,180. Third in the offing is the ion plated chome copper plated Piano Forte X-CC costing $2,650. And the series rounds up with the Piano Forte X-G. while prices for this one are not out yet, it is touted to be the most expensive of the lot with its chrome copper casing and shimmering gold plating.

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The earphones will begin retailing in Japan shortly.