Goldstriker reveals dazzling 22ct Gold & Diamond iPhone 3G

God manifests himself in many forms to please us, earthlings. And same is the case of this aptly dubbed ‘god-phone’. Time and again, the iPhone 3G has been bejeweled with gold and diamonds to cater to those who seek ultimate opulence. This morning, we received a mail from Goldstriker International regarding their latest customization. Stuart Hughes, founder of Goldstriker along with this team of four craftsmen has re-created the original iPhone in solid gold – 22ct Gold & Diamond iphone 3G. The bling quotient was further enhanced with a diamond encrusted 22ct Apple logo. Pioneering the art of customizing gadgets to suit the lifestyles of rich and famous, Goldstriker can make technology embrace luxury with ease. Ranging from £22,995 ($34,200) – £14,800 ($ 22,000), 22ct solid gold iPhone 3G Diamond is all set to beat the heat of recession with its dazzling appearance.If you desire this ornamented version, you need to dig deeper in your pockets!
Thanks Stuart

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