Goldstriker’s Platinum & Diamond iPhone 3G is out for $38,000

Stuart Hughes definitely has something for all those who seek luxury, bling, or subtle. This time he is glad to inform us about the Platinum & Diamond iPhone 3G. Since many may shy from flaunting the yellow dazzle of the 22ct Gold & Diamond iPhone 3G, Goldstriker has launched the subtler yet elegant platinum version of the same. Swapping the solid gold with about 230 grams of pure platinum has upped the glam quotient and the price tag too. For £24,495 (about $38,000), the uniquely designed Platinum & Diamond iPhone 3G certainly flaunts an Apple logo that glitters with 53 diamonds. Along with a team of four, Stuart has once again re-created an outstanding bejeweled iPhone 3G.
Thanks Stuart