A $8,000, 3D Printed Phone Trumpet is perfect for your gold HTC One

With the accessories market deluged with Apple iPhone-focused add-ons, we rarely come across accessories for other smartphones that are good enough to take notice. But since its debut, the HTC One has been lauded as a worthy competitor of the iPhone, and now finally, we have an extravagant audio accessory for the smartphone that pitches it into the same league. As part of HTC’s “Here’s To Creativity” campaign to support young artists in the UK, the company has developed an electronic-free acoustic amplifier that Justin Wolter has designed. Named the Gramohorn II, the dual horn-shaped cones are 3D printed in a plaster-based composite material and finished by hand in any color of the customer’s choice.

The Gramohorn II, made out of a plaster composite and finished by hand, is priced at £999 ($1,600 approx). Still, the phone maker is also offering a limited edition stainless steel Gramohorn for £4999 or about $8,030. It docks to the One’s BoomSound front speakers and amplifies the sound by 50 percent while adding some bass to the music. The cradle is inter-changeable and also supports HTC One Mini and One Max.

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[Available at Gramohorn]


The plaster-based Grarohorn sells for $1600.

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