Gresso Grand Monaco cell phones inspired by Formula 1 race

After the Lady Diamond Collection, the Lady Gold and the Ultramarine Gold, Gresso intends to woo all F1 fans. Their latest collection, the Gresso Grand Monaco, is inspired by Formula 1 racing. Crafted out of the racing world’s materials like titanium superalloy, a high-tech ceramic, and carbon, this collection includes two models. Dubbed the Metallic Ceramic Black Carbon and the Metallic Ceramic Black Carbon, each sells for $2,100 on its site. These racing cell phones also include steel and hand-polished 42 K sapphire crystal and sport flat keypads. It packs techie specs like GSM/GPRS/EDGE connectivity, 2MP camera, Bluetooth, email, and “an outstanding menu design.” Care to race up to grab the Gresso Grand Monaco?

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