Gresso Revolution bumper case for iPhone 5 unveiled

With the release of the latest iPhone just around the corner, it is but natural that companies developing accessories for the revolutionary phone are gearing up to release their line of accouterments. In the mad-race to who-would-be-the-first, Gresso bagged the title, announcing a slick titanium bumper case that sparkles with nothing but luxury. With a unique design that features a magnetic locking system, the Gresso Revolution bumper-case opens with a single interchange and is harmonious with an assortment of other accessories and devices. After months of carefully designing the bumper case, Gresso must be proud to create so unique a case that is both strong and light and gleams in its composition, fortification, and scratch-less titanium surface.

An 18kt gold inset decorates the PVD-coated dark-colored case with Gresso Revolution inscribed on it, and the directional grinding gives the case a rough metal texture. With only 999 pieces available, the case adds nothing more than 1mm and a meager 35 grams to the iPhone, not forgetting exclusivity, with a unique serial number engraved on each case. The Gresso Revolution bumper-case, a safe and secure option to guard your iPhone, will be available for purchase from Gresso’s website for $3000 from October 2012.

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[Via – Luxury-Gresso]

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