Hasselblad launches new H5X medium-format camera body

Hasselblad has answered the wishes of the many of its fans and users by announcing the launch of a new and exclusive medium format camera body. The company introduced the new H5X camera body Tuesday that combines newer technology with an older way of putting together a camera and it will showcase it at Photokina next week, alongside its H5D-50c. The new camera body is based on the H5D range and is primarily intended as an upgrade for H1, H2, H2F and H4X photographers. It will allow them to use H System lenses and benefit from H5 capabilities. Other than that, it could also act as a proper backup for H5D users. It compatible with a number of third-party digital backs from the likes of Phase One and Mamiya Leaf, along with film magazines.

As compared to the earlier H4X, the new H5X adds a new grip and LCD display along with better lens compatibility and Hasselblad’s True Focus system to better suit photographers who focus on one point of a subject then move the camera to reframe. It also still works with film for those who prefer an old-school style. The styling of the H5X is similar to the H5D, and it measures 144 x 110 x 88mm while weighing in at 830g. The H5X is priced at €4,600 ($5,950 approximately) without viewfinder, or €5,800 (around $7,490) with viewfinder.

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