High-tech U*Tique Luxury Vending machines save a trip to beauty stores

I thought vending machines were only for soft drink cans! (Sorry kidding) They went to petty home requirements here and there, but I never imagined that there would be a vending machine for beauty products. That’s right, U*Tique Shop is a 50-selection upscale vending machine that is introduced to satisfy the hurrying diva’s who’d like to get past the beauty counters to get their product in time. It’s a new concept complete with a touch-screen interface, interactive LED lighting design, and a behind-the-scenes robot that delivers fragile products to customers.

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U*Tique is launching this month at Fred Segal in Santa Monica and features top luxury brands such as Lancôme, ZIRH, Bliss, C.O Bigelow, and Smashbox, Lancaster, Lipstick Queen, and Zelen, among others. This is a cool idea that may save us some time and money, too (for the spendthrift wife who drools over every doodle on display.) With no live sales consultants on, I reckon you will have to do a little homework before deciding to buy some product.

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