Beyond cars and jets, Honda has developed a shoe based GPS navigation system for the visually impaired to get around the streets of Japan

Honda has created something beneficial, putting technology to grand use. No, I’m not talking about a brand new car from their fleet, but something that assists in transportation nonetheless.

A GPS for your shoes that will allow you to walk around town, find your way through to your destination without having to hear a woman, or man, patiently and almost annoyingly calm in diction tell you how to get to where you want to. The Ashirase is a vibration device with a three-dimensional motion sensor attached to your shoes and monitored using a smartphone app.

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The device looks like a sandal, but it needs to be slid into your shoes, hidden from external view, with a small, square white box jutting out front. Once you set the travel route on the app on your phone, this device will guide you using vibrations for navigation.

For example, it will use sensors to nudge you forward if you are in the right direction. If you have to take a right, the right side of your shoe will vibrate to make you turn right, and so on.

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This idea was brought up especially to help visually impaired people focus on the noises surrounding them while they are out on a walk, rather than have to listen to a voice from the phone navigation system.

Honda Motor Co. developed this device alongside a company called Ashirase, which the Japanese giant helped establish and is expected to launch to the market by 2022.

[Via: SoraNews24]

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