IDEA 02 Science the most advanced Oxygen capsule

Aromatherapy and Oxygen bars are the latest fad with Japan’s aged and cashing on the craze are companies like IDEA which are bringing the experience into the homes. The IDEA 02 Science which looks more like a cryogenic freezing machine is actually a luxurious rejuvenator loaded with the latest gadgets. Just slip in and the entire cabin decompresses and fills with oxygen. The entire process is computer controlled so there is no pressure on the ear and the machine can be pre-programmed for a single operation. The onboard LED light gives you some peaceful reading time or you can listen to some soft music as well. There is an onboard phone as well but I doubt anyone would want to use it while relaxing in a oxygen pressurized environment. A master remote control allows you to control all the functions from the pressure to the oxygen level to the music track from the inside. The IDEA 02 Science Oxygen capsule is a Japan-only product, pricing and availability remain unknown.

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