India God Ganesh gets a Diamond Studded Motorola K1

Siddhivinayak Temple in Mumbai, India, is famous in for the favors granted by its deity Lord Ganesh. So it comes as no surprise that a fulfilled devotee left a diamond-encrusted phone for the lord to communicate with. This is no stray incident and neither the last. For those who know a bit about India will know that the Tirupati temple in Andhra Pradesh is the single richest temple in the world all thanks to the donations. Ornaments and cash have been the staple donation in the boxes at Siddhivinayak but it’s the first time someone has donated a phone. The Motorola K1 model has now been kept on display at the Abhishek counter of the temple for those interested in having a look. As per the rules the Trust has informed the government and a public auction of the mobile will ensue. Lord Ganesh has the reputation of helping devotees out of sticky situations and those who believe in him often call on him to grant favors. According to Hinduism, before any auspicious deed is to begin, the blessings of lord Ganesh are to be sought.

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