iPhone 7 – Water resistant, better camera, no headphone jack and more

The much-awaited iPhone 7 is finally here. At yesterday’s keynote and in true Apple style the company unveiled the best and most advanced iPhone ever. To the credit of Apple, there is a gamut of changes – water and dust resistance (yes, Samsung you got that right a while back), immersive stereo speakers, advanced cameras, improved battery life, and more. Unlike the previous models (5 and 6) the company has unveiled both 7 and 7 Plus let’s start with the camera, after all, be it a vacation in St Tropez or a shiny new Jaguar we want it to look the best when posting on Instagram. And better they would be as the 12-megapixel camera includes optical image stabilization and a six-element lens with a larger ƒ/1.8 aperture for brighter, detailed, and vibrant photos. The 7 Plus comes with two 12-megapixel cameras that work in tandem, the second camera has a ‘telephoto’ lens that offers 2X optical and 10X digital zoom. A new 7 megapixel HD camera in the front has been spruced up for better selfies.

Powering the iPhone 7 is Apple’s custom-designed A10 fusion chip and again in true Apple style, it is the most powerful processor on a phone ever. According to the company, it’s up to three times faster than the iPhone 6 and consumes half the power. This along with the newer battery gives it 2 hours of more battery life than the iPhone 6.
As speculated, Apple has killed the 3.5mm jack and the new iPhone will come with Earbuds with a lightning connector and a 3.5mm headphone jack adapter to the plugin in older headphones and accessories. Come October and you can buy the wireless AirPods. The iconic Home button has been redesigned and is now solid-state offering force feedback.
While the pixel count remains the same, the upgraded displays are now 25% brighter and offer better color reproduction and management.
Running iOS 10, the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will be available in four finishes – silver, gold, rose gold, and black. Available for purchase from September 16th with pre-orders starting from September 9th the iPhone 7 will start with 32GB ($649 USD), 128GB ($749 USD), and 256GB ($849 USD). The iPhone 7 Plus will start at $769 for 32GB and go all the way to $969 for the 256GB version.

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