Jura J95 is the Bentley of coffee machines

The face of coffee has just undergone a classy change with the all new Swiss-made Jura J95 automatic coffee center. Featuring a design that is so very stylish with its hand-finished carbon front that so elegantly hides a seamless network of technology that’s aimed at just one goal, delivering the perfect cup of Joe.

Jura J95 automatic coffee center 2
Built using handcrafted carbon that’s as robust as it is lightweight (often used in planes, aerospace and even some luxury vehicles), the high-tech Jura J95 coffee machine is the Bentley of the caffeine realm. It features easy to use functionality and incorporates a color TFT display with an intuitive User Interface that’s been specially designed to help you make the best possible brews money can buy. The Rotary Selection allows users to decide what specialty coffee beverage they’d like and even customise it to an extent. The system makes use of an Aroma+ grinder that is fast, quiet and should keep the aromas well preserved. An adjustable spout for cappuccinos will allow you to use all kinds of mug sizes and the finely tuned foam technology has been designed to create the perfect milk foam. A one-touch maintenance setting is also provisioned with the J95 that takes care of rinsing and cleaning to keep things running without a hitch.

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Of course, with a build like the Jura J95 that couples speed, elegance and a user friendly way to make a great brew, one cannot expect the price tag to be too light; this particular model goes for $3,399, but think of the many hours of sleep you’ll lose just sipping away on great coffee.

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